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Data Visualization

This is a collection of infographics and data visuals that I completed as part of a project with the OECD

Percent of Global GDP by region 2000-2060

Source: OECD (2020), "Long-term baseline projections, No. 103", OECD Economic Outlook: Statistics and Projections (database), (accessed on 09 June 2020).

Most populous countries

Internet users, G20 countries, 2018, as a percentage of 16-74 year-olds

Sources: OECD 2019: Measuring the Digital Transformation - A Roadmap for the Future | Generational gap in Internet diffusion, OECD, 2008-18 Percentage of daily Internet users in the each age group, 55-74 and 16-24 year-olds. OECD 2019: Measuring the Digital Transformation - A Roadmap for the Future | Connected devices on the rise. Cisco Annual Internet Report, 2018–2023

Increase in people working from home 2005 -2018 (USA)

Source: Global Workplace Analytics


Political polarization (USA 1994-2017)

Migration flows: categories of entry 2017 OECD & Net migration 1987- 2017Permanent migration flows: categories of entry 2017 OECD & OECD Average

Source: OECD 2019 International Migration Outlook HTTPS://DOI.ORG/10.1787/C3E35EEC-EN  |  OECD International Migration Statistics 10.1787/mig-data-en | World Bank

Flooding will affect double the number of people worldwide by 2030

Digital vs Print advertising revenue (USA) 2009 -2019

Source: European Commission: JRC Digital Economy Working Paper 2018-02 The digital transformation of news media and the rise of disinformation and fake news

Antidepressant Drug Consumption DDD per 1000 people per day OECD Average (2000, 2017)

OECD Health at a Glance

Electric vehicle stock

Source: IEA 2019 Global EV Outlook

Energy supply by type

Source: IEA (2019), World Energy Outlook

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