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Hi, my name is Miriam Havelin, I am a designer,  researcher and foresight analyst. 

Welcome to my home on the web.

Have a look at some of my design work here

Branding ideation, design & development. Website & packaging

Logo redesign for a startup tech company

Website & catalogue design for a musician

Software interface design for a corporate client

Branding & logo design for a blog 

Data synthesis and visualization 

Research & writings

Here is what I have been researching and writing about lately. My current research interests are technology, online communication,  sensemaking, and artificial intelligence

How the open office failed
... again
an exploration of open office design and human factor compatibility
Misinformation and disinformation in Canadian society
A system analysis and futures study
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Bias in emerging technology
A systems exploration of bias in Artificial Intelligence
About me

I am a professional researcher, designer, and foresight analyst residing in Toronto.

I have a passion for beautiful, functional design, data visualization, and information communication. I love work where I can combine my passion for design with my background in research and foresight.  

I hold an Bachelor of Science in Health Science where my focus was epidemiology and population health research, an associate degree in graphic design and a masters degree in Strategic Foresight. 

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